How we can help you

Our vision at Tigiris Illustrations is to create art based on your individual personality and the animal spirit world. By drawing from your personal experiences and energy, the creator and artist of Tigiris, Kassi, will create a perceptive and unique illustration to practically guide you in the areas you need it most.
Through pictures, we are able to express and nurture feelings and the essence of ourselves, just as Kassi has learned and accepted since her youth. Having lost her mother at a young age, Kassi understands that artwork is a fantastic way to soothe and rebuild yourself. Today, her goal is to create intimate ties to artwork, and to help others to understand the healing and loving properties that her drawings so creatively reveal.
The process includes creating a drawing based on the energy and vibes you give off – whether they are distinct emotions or parts of your individual personality – and turning that energy into an incredible piece of art. Through this, Kassi channels keywords and advice that will help you to feel the light and emotion her illustrations depict.
Browse our gallery to see our pre-designed stock and contact us for any inquiries or orders to take a step into the unique and beautiful world of connective, personalized artwork.
Kassi Gregory - Channeler and Artist